Thursday, August 23, 2012

What Does A Cyclist Really Look Like?

Yesterday I met a nice young cyclist from NYC (we'll call him BikerNY). It was a beautiful day here in the Hudson Valley, and he was out taking advantage of the nice end of August weather! I asked what made him ride up to Nyack. He said he mentioned to his city friends that he wanted to cross the George Washington Bridge, and they all suggested taking the ride up to Nyack, NY. So, he did. I met him outside The Nyack Village Theatre on Main St, where he stood with his running sneakers, button up, and gym shorts. The only thing that gave away he was traveling by bike was the helmet I saw dangling off his backpack.

Conversation continued and there was mention of a certain local coffee shop, where all the bikers gather. BikerNY chuckled while saying his friends told him he HAD to stop in there once he got to Nyack, and so he took their advice. He however said he wasn't wearing enough spandex to enter and continued on his way. I of course had to laugh at this comment, as it brings up a common question, "What does a cyclist look like?"

I'll answer a question with another question. Do you ride a bike? What do you look like?

BikerNY didn't have on any fancy bells and whistles of a 'cycling' outfit, and he rode his bike all the way from the West Village to Nyack NY. So, don't worry if you don't have some fancy bike, with clip on pedals, and a super cool spandex racing suit. The important part is that you are out there riding, and enjoying your ride!

Send us your photos, and show us What A Cyclist Looks Like to you!


  1. When i commute to work, i wear jeans/khakis, nice shoes and a plain polo. When i hit the trails i wear gym shorts, a tshirt i dont care about and running shoes.

  2. I wear board shorts, a dark t-shirt and tennis shoes 100 miles a week.

  3. Skateboard shoes, cargo shorts, t-shirt. 100 miles a week on a Kona Blast.